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Duo labeller is a universal machine for applying front and back label on flat, elliptical and round containers. Machine is equipped with unique servo manipulator orientation system, patented mangler for thin packages labeling and unique top pressing belt. All for precise front – back label application. With Duo Roto can be used paper, Pet, PP, transparent and non-transparent labels. This is our best selling product, more then 600 units installed worldwide.

Main features:

  • Labels are applied by servo driven labeling heads (label height up to 160 or 240 mm).
  • Herma labels sensor, for transparent labels detection.
  • Patented Mangler system for quick changeover time, and high quality labeling of thin packages.
  • Chain orientator, or servo manipulator for difficult package shapes orientation.
  • Base chain conveyor with 2500 mm length equipped with speed adjustment
  • Precisely synchronized top conveyor with a durable belt with spring amortisation
  • Wraparound labeling options: high-efficiency Roto Classic or ultra-precise Roto Can.
  • To be used with paper, PET, PE, PP, transparent and non-transparent labels.
  • Examples of unique machine functionality:


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